Our Story-Super Strength

We have been inspired to create a product that can help everyday people like ourselves reach their full potential.

The New Generation of at Home Massage Therapy is at your fingers tips thanks to the Super Strength M4PRO! We at Super Strength are all about helping you achieve your fitness goals. Save thousands of dollars a year on a masseuse and use our at home essentials massage gun that will help you recover faster with a precise deep tissue massage from the comfort of your own home.

Over the years of training and working out my partner and I noticed that recovery was just as important as training but we did not have thousands of dollars a year to pay for massage therapy. This led us to develop the M4 Pro by Super Strength, a premium massage gun that is powerful, quiet and affordable. Since Developing our M4Pro Massage Gun we have been able to help all sorts of people from all walks of life such as, Football mums to Professional Athletes.

The M4Pro Massage Gun comes with a:

• 24-Month Warranty*

• Free shipping Australia wide

• 30-Day money back guarantee. If by any chance you are not satisfied with your purchase you are able to return for a full refund*

We are confident in you feeling completely secure with your Product purchase.







 *does not cover accidental damage