The Science Behind Massage Guns

The day-to-day life can be challenging and that means we have to deal with lots of pressure. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find ways to relax and unwind at our own pace. With the right product,
like a massage gun for example, you get to do these things a whole lot easier. The process is simpler and more convenient, and you will appreciate the results and tremendous value. It totally works, and it brings in front a rewarding and creative system.

What can massage guns do for you?
The way massage guns work is they are delivering vibration or percussive therapy. What that means is they deliver rapid pressure bursts that are automatically focused on the muscle tissue in your body. The
head of a massage gun will oscillate back and forth, and that pressure is meant to offer you relief, while also unwinding and relaxing.
Masseuses have been using this type of technique themselves, and the massage guns are basically doing the same thing, but it’s all automatic. The massage gun is something you can carry around, it’s portable and you don’t have to go to a massage parlour to do that, which is exactly the thing to keep in mind here.

With help from a massage gun, you are able to target a problematic area, and then ensure that you eliminate any of the issues. It’s a clever approach and one that does help the experience more than you
might imagine. The best part is that you can also use them to break up the knots that linger after a workout. You can also use them pre-workout, with the primary means being to warm up muscles. This helps prevent any issues, and results can be quite amazing every time.

Why is vibration important for Muscles?
What a lot of people don’t realize is that we are encountering vibrations every day. There are multiple degrees of vibration that can appear, and we even have some of these at the molecular level. People from Ancient Egypt were actually using vibration to recover faster from injuries and prepare for battle.
Yes, in their case vibration was crucial not for athletes or purposes like that. They were trying to keep their army in shape and at the highest possible level.
When it comes to using it as a scientific solution, vibration was used when modern electricity came along. At that time, Russia and the US were using it for athletic performance, sports medicine and so on. Vibration platforms and plates appeared on the market, and that was the predecessor of massage guns
in many ways. These massage guns are not only very interesting and a pleasure to use, but they are helping our body re-adjust, adapt and truly improve the resilience that we have in a creative and empowering manner. That alone makes these things very engaging and empowering at the same time.

Are vibration platforms helpful?
The truth is that a vibration platform is designed to deliver efficiency and help with muscle recovery. It can be a great way to warm up, since you can avoid any muscle damage. However, you can’t expect massage guns and vibration platforms in general to really shift your life in ways you would not imagine.
Instead, the main focus is to have some mild, simple benefits that truly help you improve, connect and integrate new features all the time. The idea of having even a simple way to improve the recovery process and also ensure that you don’t encounter any muscle sprain is very important. There will always be some demanding, challenging situation that can arise, so you just have to tackle it accordingly and you can enjoy the process more than you might imagine.

The power of vibration massage
This is also called tapotement massage. At its core, it’s just a rhythmic activity that relies on direct or lateral vibration patterns. Waldemar Matuszewski started using vibration therapy in order to help loosen the muscle tone naturally and with great success. One of the major advantages here is that it allows to wake up the body. Not only that, but it helps generate a stress response. On top of that,
there’s quite the change in the sympathetic status. Another important aspect to notice here is the fact that the heart rate is improved considerably, and
vibration doesn’t have negative effects over the human body. It doesn’t damage the muscles either. Instead, the vibration itself is designed to eliminate those concerns and it fully focuses on the idea of improving things rather than damaging anything. Doing that is very simple and it has the potential to
really help you recover and push the process to new heights. Percussive therapy has become quite the trend since the 1970s, in fact the first massage gun was created and patented in 1974. At that point, the unit was bulky and hard to use, something that was streamlined over the years. It was designed with the idea of releasing stress from your muscles, while
also making it easy for chiropractic patients to enjoy the experience and have fun for a change. Multiple studies took place in order to see if massage guns are indeed delivering good results, and it’s clear that it can help to use a product like this. The fact that it helps your body and more specifically your body relax is the thing that really matters the most. On top of that, the studies are showing that
yes, you can prevent and reduce muscle pain with help from this type of product. It all comes down to adapting and improving everything accordingly, and the experience itself can be a very good one. They just make the process simpler and more convenient, and you get to appreciate the experience and value
all the time.

The way massage guns became a Modern solution?
As the 21 st century started, it was clear that office work became more and more damaging to muscles. People needed a way to relax and unwind, while also making sure that their muscles are not damaged when they actually worked out. Visiting a massage therapist was and still is a great idea. But the reality
is that most people lack time to do that. So the best thing that you can do in a situation like this is to take the experience to the next level and just make it work. The modern massage gun was released in 2008 with help from Jason Werseland, which is a chiropractor from Los Angeles. He realized that people needed a tool that would help the recovery process and ensure that everything comes together adequately and in an appropriate manner. Plus, having a tool
like this that you can also carry anywhere you want would be really efficient and dependable. It was the start for the massage gun use, and it’s something that more and more people are enjoying and doing
every day. Percussive massage with help from a massage gun is great after working out, since it can boost the muscle performance, not to mention it can reduce DOMS a lot more than you might imagine, while still delivering a vast array of other benefits.

Why should you use a Massage Gun?

There are a variety of benefits when it comes to massage guns. They can help you remove stiffness, pain and soreness from muscles, which is crucial to keep in mind. Those repetitive pulses can help boost your
circulation, which is really handy and convenient at the same time. When you have a better flow, the nutrients and oxygen are traveling quickly.
On top of that, this helps boost the lymphatic flow. It’s great if you want to flush all the toxins from your system naturally and with great success. You can also enhance the muscle performance properly and ensure that you have better mobility. Your range of motion and flexibility can be a lot better. Plus, any
muscle injuries or trauma can be dealt with a lot easier. When it comes to downsides, the thing is that a massage gun can’t replace a doctor. If you have pre-existing conditions, using a massage gun can actually be a problem. On top of that, you can increase the soreness or pain if you don’t use this properly. Plus, depending on their design, some massage guns are very noisy or just too bulky.

Using a massage gun sounds like a great idea if you want to unwind, relax and just improve muscle performance. It helps immensely, it delivers great success, while also eliminating many problems that might arise. We recommend you to give massage guns a try if you want a portable, simple way to relieve
muscle pressure and soreness. This delivers great relief more often than not, and you will appreciate the great results and value provided this way. It’s definitely an amazing opportunity and one of those things that will help enhance the process and make it work. Try it out and get your own massage gun, you will
be happy with the results!